Divorce Recovery

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Unfortunately divorces happen! Whether you wanted this or not, it is difficult to navigate the journey alone. Divorce is life altering and can have lingering effects.

 I will guide you through the grief, confusion, and healing that comes along with the ending of a marriage.  To take this time for yourself means you will be ready for a new and healthy relationship.

Some various things you may be wondering or thinking about is:

  • How do I tell the kids
  • I still feel married and not sure how to move forward with my life
  • I’m struggling with my ex already dating and moving on with their life
  • I’ve had to go back to work and struggling to juggle my life as a single parent
  • I don’t know if I will ever find love again that I can trust

All of these thoughts are normal and you’re not alone.

There is healing and life post divorce and we can personalize a plan together to heal your wounds and any lingering patterns of impairment.

Take the first step for yourself and contact me so we can get started!

Fees: $140.00 – 60 minute sessions